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Save Man-hours.

Indexed data is useable data. Imagine being able to immediately put your finger on the information you are searching for. That would save you time, of course, but now imagine all of your employees being able to do the same. How much time could your company save?

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Converting your paper files to a digital format makes them easier to use and more secure. A better way to access your data

Business owners and managers often don't realize how much time they and their employees spend trying to access inefficiently stored data. You can save time, money and space by streamlining your data storage and access.

Whether you have boxes of files that need scanned, hard drives full of disorganized documents that need indexed, or data that needs formatted to fit your database, we can help. Check out our services below or contact us today and we'll show you how IDSI can help you transform your stored data into whatever format will serve you best.

  • Document Scanning & Imaging
  • Render high-quality digital reproductions of your files and documents.

  • Data Capture
  • Accurately translate images of textual characters into digital, machine-readable and editable text.

  • Document Indexing & Management
  • Organize your documents and data into an indexed and searchable management system.

  • Medical Transcription
  • Save money and time by letting IDSI handle your Medical Transcription.

  • Incoming Mail Processing
  • Receive, sort, and extract data from large batches of incoming mail.

  • Compliance Support
  • Help you comply with industry-specific regulations regarding the accessibility, security, storage, and disposal of your records and files.

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