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We exist to make your life easier, and not just with our end product. We make the process easy and simple for you, letting you get on with the business of, well, business.  

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Our Process

THe IDSI team makes the process of digital data conversion easy for you.It's All About Relationships

Our way of doing business here at IDSI centers around personal relationships with our clients. From doing a free test run before we give you a quote to providing personal attention from start to finish, our goal is to solve your data problem in a way that meets your unique needs.

Step One: Free Test & Assessment

Before we start on your project or even give you a quote or a schedule, we ask you to provide us with a sample of the data you need processed so that we can do a test run. We provide this service completely free of charge to you.

This step is necessary for several reasons:

  • It reduces risk — for us and you
  • It helps us predict how long the project will take
  • It gives us an idea of what will be involved
  • It allows us to provide a realistic schedule
  • It allows us to provide an accurate quote that we can — and WILL — stand behind

Step Two: Firm Quote & Schedule

After we do a test run of your data and assess what it will take to provide you with the solutions you need, we can provide you with a firm quote and a realistic schedule. And unless the scope of your project changes significantly, we'll bend over backwards to stand behind the quote and schedule we give you.

Step Three: Personal Attention

As we process your job, you'll know the status because regular communication is important to us. Phone calls are always answered. We care about you and your project and work WITH you to make sure it's done right and on time.

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